Hello, Stranger. My name’s Jaclyn and I’m 17. I live in Massachusetts (hopefully not for much longer.) I aspire to be someone who knows what they want to be. I also find it stupid that people identify themselves soley by their career. “Hey, I’m Olaf and I like warm hugs,” sounds so much more interesting than “Hey, I’m Olaf and I’m a banker.” So yeah I guess this means I should tell you what I like.

Music: Constantly changing genres, but Lana will always be my queen. I like alternative, deep house, and rock. Currently my favorite band is called the Growlers and I also love Cage the Elephant, alt-j, black keys, arctic monkeys, tame imapala,best coast, Jake Bugg, Joy Division, Nirvana, MGMT, the smiths, sublime, wavves, yeah. I like music, there’s a lot more

Movies: My favorite director is Wes Anderson, and my favorite film of his is the Grand Budapest Hotel. I also like Spirited Away, Rocky Horror Picture Show, Napoleon Dynamite, Django Unchained, Moonlight Kingdom, and duh disney movies. 

TV: Uh Tv is my life. Right now I’m watching Game of Thrones but my all time favorite is AHS. I also watch(ed) Misfits, Skins, Teen Wolf, Doctor Who, Breaking Bad, Bates Motel, Dexter, Girls, and Orange is the New Black

Harry Potter: Yes this is a category. I am and always will be a Slytherin. Green and Silver, yo. 

Animals: Is this even a question? All of them are my favorite… except for squirrels. I hate those bastards although they can be cute sometimes. I’ve been a vegetarian for about 4 years and I volunteer at an animal shelter because puppies. 

I’m not sorry about me spewing all of this information. I also skate but I can’t do tricks because I’m too lame for that. I just cruise on my pennyboard which I absolutely love :)